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Expanding windows of opportunity through personalized place-based Montessori education. 

Academic Calendar

At PCM, we focus heavily on family and community engagement to bolster student outcomes. Our academic calendar provides ample opportunity for family involvement, community building, and showcasing of student work.  Here you will find our annual calendar and daily schedule.



School Start Time: 8:30 AM

     Drop-off window: 8:10 - 8:25 AM (drive-through process)

YMCA in-house Morning Kickstart programming: 7:30 - 8:25 AM



School End Time: 3:30 PM

     Pick-up window: 3:30 - 3:45 PM (drive-through process)

YMCA in-house Afternoon Finale programming: 3:30 - 6:00 PM

Annual Calendar

Dr. Montessori’s research, supported by current research, reveals that children benefit from extended blocks of uninterrupted work time. This allows for the building of skills around concentration, information processing, and problem solving at a pace that fits students’ needs. To this end, best practices in Montessori support having two blocks of uninterrupted work time during the day: a 3-hour morning block and a 2-3 hour afternoon block. While this time is classified as 'uninterrupted' work time, students are highly supported. In order to offer this schedule and ensure that there is ample time for staff professional development and collaboration, PCM provides an extended day and school year. Adequate staff development ensures teachers (Guides) and assistants have the tools necessary to meet student needs and provides sufficient time for reflection and planning using student data.

As a parent, it is worth noting at this point that the school day of a Montessori child looks very different than a traditional school day.  Visit Montessori In Action to see examples.  With opportunities to collaborate with peers as their sense of responsibility increases; more choice over when and how they engage in work, the option to work at the pace that fits their needs, and flexible seating with ample opportunity for movement, students are more often than not invigorated rather than fatigued at the end of the day.  For those who are still in need of rest there is opportunity for this during the day as well.

You can download a PDF of the 2023-24 Annual Calendar Here

Daily Calendar (K-6th)

Below you will find our daily schedule for Kindergarten through 6th grade.  You will also get a glimpse of our proposed schedule when we expand to offer 7th - 9th grade (our Adolescent Community Program). 

From the family and student perspective PCM students attend school 5 days per week from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Internally, PCM staff operate on a half-day Wednesday collaboration schedule. The second half of each Wednesday, teachers participate in collaboration, data examination, and/or professional development.  The YMCA, supported by PCM staff, will ensure students are engaged for a full school day as not to disrupt families work week schedules.  PCM assumes the cost of the YMCA enrichment programming. 

The YMCA run Morning Kickstart and Afternoon Finale extended care options are run in PCM facility space.  The YMCA program offers before school programming from 7:30 AM to when school starts at 8:30 AM and after school programming from 3:30 PM when school ends to 6:00 PM.  PCM does provide bus transportation to and from school but cannot provide transportation to the Morning Kickstart program at 7:30 AM or home from the Afternoon Finale Program that ends at 6:00 PM.  

Keep in mind that if you are driving you child to school, drop-off is between 8:10 - 8:25 AM while pick-up will occur between 3:30 - 3:45 PM.  PCM will ask families to adhere to a drive-through drop off system and we'll ask that those dropping off or picking up stay in their vehicles in the drop-off/pick-up line.  A PCM employee will come to your vehicle to pick-up or deliver your child to you. This process will be more clearly outlined in our Student and Family Handbook. Whether PCM staff will conduct temperature checks, require attestations, or masks, will be determined by the Department of Health Guidance for schools.  Please be patient as we have not been provided clear guidance on this and will update you as soon as we are provided clear expectations for K-12 students.

To register for the Morning Kickstart and Afternoon Finale program with the YMCA please visit our OTHER SERVICES page for rates and to print the registration form. 

1st - 3rd Grade Schedule 

YE - MTTHF - Shortened Schedule.jpg

4th - 6th Grade Schedule 

OE - MTTHF - Shortened Schedule.jpg

Kindergarten Schedule 

PCM's Kindergarten schedule (M/T/Th/F)

Addressing the Length of a 'K' Day

PCM's kindergarten (K) classrooms maintain a ratio of approximately 17 students to 1 Guide accompanied by support from a Classroom Instructional Assistant. A K learner's day at PCM looks different from a traditional school day, with more opportunities for outside play and activities, a pace more in line with individual learner needs, more opportunities for movement, an option to rest/nap in the afternoon, and an educational environment that considers individual student interests. Learners in a Montessori environment, even at this young age level, are often less fatigued at the end of the school day because their day is paced for their needs and interests.

For visual examples of what this early environment looks like explore these short videos.

Why Kindergarten at PCM?

A glimpse at our Proposed 7th-9th schedule

7th - 8th Grade -  Proposed Schedule 

OE - MTTHF - Shortened Schedule.jpg

Wednesday Schedule

9th Grade -  Proposed Schedule 

PCM 9th grade schedule (M/T/Th/F)

Wednesday Schedule

7th - 9th grade students are all grouped in the same classroom but their coursework is differentiated based on competency achieved.  Appropriately trained teachers in core subject areas supported by classroom volunteers and assistants guide students.

Please note that this proposed schedule was designed with our extended hours in mind. The Washington State Charter School Commission approved a shortened daily schedule,  in January 2022, that better meets the needs of our students and families. This proposed 9th grade schedule will be updated soon to reflect the new shortened days. 

Extracurricular & Enrichment Options

In Years 1 and 2, PCM will not offer PCM-run extracurricular activities. The YMCA-run after-care program will offer many opportunities for extracurricular and enrichment activities. Additionally, we will disseminate an up-to-date list of options in our community for parents to reference, if they choose. In subsequent years, we may add extracurricular activities which will be driven by student interests and staff availability.


When PCM does begin to offer extracurricular activities, a school member will participate in these activities, but the program may be led by an approved volunteer parent or community member. These programs will only be initiated if sufficient interest is shown, staff and volunteers are available, and funding can be allocated.

PCM has participated in preliminary meetings with Pullman School District (PSD) Superintendent Dr. Bob Maxwell, and Assistant Principal of Athletics and Activities Mr. Chris Franklin, to discuss PCM student participation in Lincoln Middle School (LMS) and Pullman High School (PHS) sports. PSD is willing and able to take on student athletes from PCM when they reach the appropriate age. If a PCM student is outside of PSD, they will be required to participate with the school district they live in. PCM will serve as liaison for these relationships to aid in student registration and navigation of district policies and procedures.

The school day will offer a variety of enrichment options. This is one other reason we love Gladish! The fact that it is a community and cultural center also aligns with our mission and vision and will allow us to take advantage of wraparound services and enrichment activities that are available within the building.  As we hire staff and build out our asset map of local community contractors we will add more specifics about our enrichment options.

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