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Please share you Glows, Grows & Concerns below. Submissions are anonymous unless you would like to submit a Formal Grievance.

Thank you for your feedback!

How do I know if my concern needs to be a Formal Grievance?

If your concern is not satisfactorily resolved at the school management level and is about Board policy or is an unresolved complaint about the Head of School or any unresolved complaint, a community member may bring a grievance to the attention of the Board as a Formal Grievance.  See PCM’s Grievance and Resolution Policy & Procedures for a more detailed process.

Any grievances should be made in writing, electronic or legible handwritten, and describe the problem and propose a suggested solution. This allows all parties involved to work from a consistent body of information. Given PCM’s classification as an independent entity and Local Education Agency (LEA), the decisions made by the Board of Directors are final. See PCM’s Grievance and Resolution Policy & Procedures for a more detailed process.

Important Notes

  • Generally, the Board will not address a grievance that is made anonymously, based on hearsay, or made on behalf of another family.

  • Generally, the Board will not address a grievance where resolution has not been exhausted through the teachers, directors, or Head of School.

  • Generally, the Board will not address specific grievances about the performance of an individual school employee in a public meeting. Any such grievances brought at a public meeting will be taken under advisement by the Board and responded to at a later time.

  • Generally, the Board, when presented with an incident involving one of the school’s approved policies, i.e. attendance, behavior/discipline, or retention/promotion of students in grade level,  will refer families to that policy in their decision.

  • The Board may, at its discretion, notify the individual School employee(s) about grievances brought against them. Community members may, however, request that they not be personally identified as the party bringing the grievance.

  • 10 Business Days  - The Board Chair will provide you written confirmation of receipt of the complaint.

  • 30 Business Days – A written response will be sent to you by the Board.

  • Thank you for submitting a Formal Grievance. Per See PCM’s Grievance and Resolution Policy & Procedures the Board Chair will provide written confirmation of your complaint within 10 business days.

    Have you addressed these concerns with School Management?


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