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covid-19 information

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Health and safety information for the 2021-2022 school year

Please notE - information is subject to change

How to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Get Vaccinated

  2. Wear a properly fitted face mask

  3. Practice physical distancing when able

  4. Wash your hands with soap and water

  5. Stay home when sick

school day information


K-12 COVID-19 Requirements for Summer 2021 and the 2021-2022 School Year

     Provides guidance and requirements that schools must meet to reduce

     risks to students and staff from COVID-19 while resuming in-person instruction

COVID-19 Symptom Decision Tree


CDC Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools


Whitman County Resources and Information



Mental Health and Well-Being Resources



Stay informed with COVID-19 updates from the CDC , the World Health Organization  and the Whitman County Department of Health .


Holly Johnson-Rodriguez

Holly Johnson-Rodriguez

School Nurse

Phone 509-336-5909


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