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Teton Science Schools
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Expanding windows of opportunity through personalized place-based Montessori education. 

Be A part of the change you want to see in education!

We believe ALL students deserve the opportunity to have the education that works best for them! PCM’s K-9th grade program offers whole-child education personalized to students' needs that prepares them, through rigorous academics, a robust social emotional program, and career and life skill development.   

The Mission

PCM endeavors to prepare all students to reach their full potential for future success in high school, college, career, and life, using the rich resources of our community.

The Vision

PCM seeks to serve as an instrument of change, helping to progress our education system to better meet the needs of students, families, and educators.

OUR Program Pillars

Cultivating collaborative leaders

We guide students to find their inner leader as they are the change-makers of tomorrow. Students, staff, board and community members model our collaboratively developed core values. Students are well supported while engaging in opportunities to hone their LEADERS skills which are broadly defined in ways that empower them to find their personal leadership style.

Respecting the child

We see the power of the child and their innate ability as capable seekers of knowledge. Teachers work as Guides to help students cultivate agency, intrinsic motivation, and independence. Our diverse (racial, cultural, socioeconomic, gender, abilities, age and orientation)mixed-age environments are strategically prepared to aid in this development and provide authentic opportunities to grow. All are welcomed and included.

Self-empowered lifelong learners

Keeping respect for the child’s innate curiosity at the forefront, we guide student growth academically, socio-emotionally, culturally, creatively, and physically through adherence to the essentials of the Montessori ‘whole-child’ educational approach. Essentials include:

  • a highly trained, dual certificated Montessori teacher accompanied by a trained classroom assistant/interventionalist in each classroom

  • extended blocks of uninterrupted but highly supported work time

  • integrated curriculum

  • specially designed, hands-on materials to build understanding from concrete to abstract

  • strategically prepared classroom spaces

  • authentic engagement opportunities and materials

  • a mixed-age community environment; and

  • a deep commitment to nurturing student agency, intrinsic motivation, and independence through a learner-centered approach.

Our Place, Our Community

We engage students with their community’s local and natural resources through place-based projects to build real-world connections. This strengthens students’ sense of place and identity. We expand our concept of our classroom beyond our school walls to include our local community with wider application to the nation and the globe. Current and future careers require systems thinking, cultural humility, creativity, perseverance, and the ability to apply knowledge in diverse situations. The expansion of our classroom beyond our facility walls not only improves student engagement but positions students as self-knowing innovators and change-makes who understand their interconnection with their local, regional, national, and global communities.

Families as partners

Family involvement is crucial to helping a student reach their full potential. We engage with families as partners so all feel vested and equipped with the tools necessary to make a positive contribution to the student’s development. Additionally, we expand our ‘family’ network beyond guardians of students. PCM actively works to build relationships and opportunities for involvement and input with our local community partners to increase the support for each of our students. This expanded culture creates a strong and supportive educational ecosystem which supports student thriving.

Teachers as leaders and change makers

Relying on over 100 years of accumulating best practices, Montessori-trained teachers act as learning guides while classroom assistants support classroom culture. Our classroom assistants are trained interventionists. Our guides are educational scientists, empowered to shape curriculum and school culture and contribute to ongoing developments in the field of education through research and the dissemination of knowledge. To achieve this goal, staff and classroom assistants form professional learning communities and are supported with over 30 days of annual professional development and collaboration time.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, we meet the needs of students in our culture, time, and place.

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

Dr. Maria Montessori 

Dr. Maria Montessori

Our core Values

PCM’s core values, We are LEADERS, serves as a blueprint of actions to create and reinforce the habits and language that support an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion, where differences are valued and accountability, integrity, character, and a growth mindset are fostered. Our expectations that all participants of PCM’s community—students, teachers, staff, and parents—uphold and support our core values, display our high standards for all and our intent to expand community beyond our classroom walls.

See the Montessori difference! Get an inside peek into the inner workings of a Montessori Elementary and Adolescent classroom. 

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