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Expanding windows of opportunity through personalized place-based Montessori education. 

Our Facility & Home

Gladish Community & Cultural Center Bridge doors

We love Gladish Community & Cultural Center! Its history and proximity to so many community resources makes it a perfect fit and highly aligned with our mission and vision. We are proud to call Gladish our permanent home.


We thank the Friends of Gladish Board and staff for their time and support during our founding process and look forward to future planning and growing with them! 

Visit this page frequently to view our renovation plans and before and after pictures.

Our Facility

Our amenities

Besides it's location, Gladish offers many amenities including:

  • A 10,368 square foot gymnasium,

  • a 7,000 square foot auditorium

  • a 1,436 square foot mini theater

  • access to performing arts events and other community based organizations

  • ample parking onsite with a safe bus drop-off point

PCM Main Office - Rm 212


115 NW State St STE 212

Pullman, WA 99163




Regular-M-F 8am-4pm

Summer-M-F 9am-4pm



Our Office

Our main office is located in room 212 on the second floor of Gladish. 

Gladish Community & Cultural Center

The building’s proximity to downtown Pullman, Neil Public Library, Sunnyside Park, the Palouse River, and WSU makes taking advantage of community resources economical and time efficient. The fact that it is a community and cultural center also aligns with our mission and vision and will allow us to take advantage of wraparound services and enrichment activities that are available within the building. Our location also makes PCM easily accessible to students that may travel by city bus and increases the opportunity for partnership with PSD for transportation services for students on similar routes that cannot take advantage of the city bus system. It also offers a 10,368 square foot gymnasium, a 7,000 square foot auditorium and a 1,436 square foot mini theater.

MeTeor, classroom furniture layout_Page_

Want to see sample renderings of what PCM classroom will look like?

Check out these provided courtesy of Meteor Education!

See the 'why' behind our classroom design!

The why behind classroom design.jpg
Door Image

2021 Donor Door Campaign

We are gladly accepting donations to help with Phase 1 Renovations. Check out or 2021 Donor Door Campaign for more information!

Our Facility Improvements

PCM is deeply committed to not only supporting its students but its community as well. We are honored to have the opportunity to return part of the Gladish Community and Cultural Center back to its roots as Pullman’s original high school. We appreciate the historic nature of the build and will work to foster that appreciation in our students and families. The renovations to our Year 1 rooms will improve safety of the building occupants as well as comply with code to receive the appropriate certificate of occupancy.

Over the next few months, we will transform these empty rooms at Gladish Community & Cultural Center into classrooms ready for the 2021-2022 school year!

With the end game in mind, be creative in envisioning what the rooms will look like after construction is completed. We’ll post project progress photos as well as videos of the completed rooms.

Our Facility - Full Playlist (23 mins)

Video Credit: Laylah Bewick


Coming Soon!

After renovations

Expect to see large open classrooms with low shelves containing hands-on multi-sensory materials called ‘works’; flexible seating that allows students to work where they are comfortable in learner sized furniture; and different sized and shaped tables to allow for 1 - 4 student work groups, in a safe and up-to-code environment.


Our students will acquire confidence while being given the freedom and support to question, to probe deeply, and to make connections. The Montessori environment will enable them to think critically, work collaboratively, act confidently, and communicate proficiently - a set of skills necessary for the 21st century.

Our Classrooms

See the 'why' behind our classroom design graphic Our classroom design will follow Montessori best practices featuring strategically designed and maintained rooms led by a dual certificated teacher partnered with a trained classroom assistant.


Students are grouped into developmentally appropriate age groupings:​

  • Kindergarten (in traditional Montessori schools ages 3-6, are grouped together. Our program deviates from this best practice due to limits in WA states general funding for early childhood education),

  • 1st - 3rd grade,

  • 4th - 6th grade

  • 7th - 9th grade.   

Students are welcomed in to an environment with furniture that accommodates their physical size range and movement needs. Each room will include aesthetic Montessori learning materials and flexible work-space promoting student movement. Students in a Montessori classroom have more opportunity for

respectful movement within the classroom compared to a more traditional setting.  Sound reducing devices like noise canceling headphones and quiet nooks are accessible.  You will not hear bells as student work cycles are highly prized and protected. 


The freedom within limits and responsibility learning design focuses on using individualized work plans offering students say over when, where, and how they learn material. The integrated curriculum (mixing math, science, English Language Arts, history, civics, etc.) allows students to apply concepts to real life situations and recognize connections between disciplines.  Our elevated focus on social-emotional and life skills development allows students opportunities to grown executive functioning and collaboration skills in a safe but highly supportive environment.


Hands-on and authentic, are keys curriculum drivers. Our classroom environment environment, promotion of student choice, and authentic opportunities for engagement and practice work together to promote student's independence, agency, critical thinking, and build collaboration, character, and leadership skills to foster a life-long love of learning.

Take a look at our sample classroom renderings courtesy of Meteor Education!