our staff

We are small but growing group of professionals who are passionate about the Montessori educational approach.  We are unified by our deep commitment to equity; making sure this developmental model is accessible to all students and families, not just those who can bear the financial weight of a tuition-based program. 

All students deserve the opportunity to have the education that works best for them!

Meet our growing school staff!  Our team will continue to expand over the next few years so check our CAREERS tab frequently.

Our journey began over 4 years ago with a question and grew into surveys and focus groups, and community input sessions.



Staff photo of PCM's current Head of School, Laylah Sullivan

Laylah Sullivan

Head of School

I am a 20-year resident of Pullman, a WSU alum, and an avid Hounds supporter! In 2014 I helped establish a team dedicated to exploring the potential for expanding Pullman's public education options to include a developmental model. I am elated to have the opportunity to continue this work by serving as the School Leadership and Design Fellow and to have earned the privilege of being selected as the school’s leader. I am eager to continue my contribution using my experience in agricultural research, as a secondary science teacher, and as a small business owner/operator, galvanized by my passion for whole-child personalized education. I look forward to serving our community and continuing discussions with Pullman School District to identify collaboration potential to moving us closer to achieving our common goal of meeting the needs of more families.

Staff photo of PCM's current Montessori Coach - Director of Academic Programs, Tami O'Kinsella

Tami O'Kinsella

Montessori Coach - Director of Academic Programs

I was born and raised in Lynnwood, WA along with my 3 siblings. When I was 19, I left my home state to further my education in Portland, OR. The opportunity launched me into a wider world, both physically and intellectually. While in college, I spent a summer living on a Navajo reservation in Arizona and a summer teaching English in Japan. These opportunities lead me to notice how different cultures approach the nurturing of their children. As a result, I explored the world of education and since employment was always a necessity, I took various jobs working with children. I found the Montessori approach through an employment opportunity. My enthusiasm for this method of supporting children's growth and learning gave me the desire and energy to pursue Montessori Teacher Training, a master’s degree in Education, and a traditional state teaching license. Since then I have been able to teach in diverse economic situations from Princeton, NJ, to the most economically disadvantaged area of Cleveland, OH. For the past 21 years, I raised my son, taught in schools, and served in school administrative roles in the greater Portland area. I am eager to return to Washington to help establish a Montessori charter school for families in Pullman and the surrounding communities. The PCM mission and opportunity both calls to me and my family, who have made Washington our home. I am eager to join and serve the community and support the growth of PCM!


Staff photo of PCMs current Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Coordinator, Jan Williams

Jan Williams

Office Manager & Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Coordinator

I grew up in Pullman and attended Pullman schools for thirteen years before moving on to graduate from WSU. My husband and I raised two boys in the Seattle area and recently had the opportunity to move back to Pullman. I am thankful to be back in my hometown and I am very excited about my position with Pullman Community Montessori. As a mom, I know how important it is for students to be in an academically rigorous environment, excited about learning, and given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. As an elementary educator for fifteen years, I taught in the classroom and also served as an instructional coach and assistant to the principal. I know that the Montessori research proven curriculum develops students who are independent, confident, and leaders in schools. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping Pullman Community Montessori achieve the educational goals of your family.

Staff photo of PCM's Office Assistant

Kim Velarde

Office Assistant

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, California along with my immigrated family from the South American country of Peru. I am a first generation American and current student in the Elementary Education program at Western Governors University. My fiancé and I have made the state of Washington our new home as we have lived in Pullman for the past six years. We have genuinely enjoyed living in and being a part of the Pullman community. As I am in my current journey ofstudying education, I am excited to have been given the opportunity to be in the position of assisting the PCM community and look forward to seeing PCM grow to serve the families of Pullman.

Staff photo place holder for PCM's Food Services Manger


Food Services Manager

Hiring for this position will open Spring 2021.  Visit our CAREERS tab for more details and to access the job description and online application form.


Staff photo of PCM’s current Stand-Alone Kindergarten Guide

Christina Brandt

Stand-Alone Kindergarten Guide

My name is Christina Brandt and I am very excited to join Pullman Community Montessori. I have a passion for teaching and developing young children. I understand the incredible impact that a good teacher can have on the life of a child. I have always wanted to be a teacher because of the positive influences my teachers had on me. PCM aligns well with my personal values and mission.

I attended Iowa State University where I studied education and theatre. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Performing Arts. I went on to attend the University of Idaho where I received my Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing, specializing in Children’s Theatre.  After graduating I taught drama as well as kindergarten at a private school in Seattle. It was there that I was first introduced to a teaching philosophy based on Montessori principles. I was immediately drawn to this method of teaching and learning. When I found out that I would be moving back to the Palouse for my husbands’ job, I knew that I wanted to teach in a school that emphasized the educational values that were so close to my heart. After moving to Pullman, I had the privilege of working as a lead teacher at a private Montessori school.  I am thrilled to continue my journey by joining PCM as the lead teacher for a kindergarten community! My goal has always been to foster life-long learners that are excited to come to school day after day.

When I am not in the classroom I enjoy drinking coffee, hiking, running, and snuggling my 10-month-old baby girl!  I cannot wait to get started with PCM and meet our PCM students!

Staff photo of PCM’s current Stand-Alone Kindergarten Guide

Melissa Anderson

Stand-Alone Kindergarten Guide

I grew up in northern California and spent most of my life there before moving to Pullman with my husband and two daughters in 2019. We were in search of wide open space and a slower, more intentional lifestyle, and we found it here in the beautiful Palouse region. While growing up I had a strong desire to work with children after watching my mother positively impact the lives of children and families as an elementary teacher. I had a natural love for young children and a desire to invest in their growth and development. 

This passion led me to pursue my Elementary Teaching Credential with an emphasis in cross-cultural language acquisition development.I was first introduced to Montessori by my sister-in-law who was pursuing a masters degree in Montessori Education. I watched in awe as she worked with my young daughters, and gave them the freedom to engage with materials independently. I was fascinated by my children's ability to concentrate and become fully absorbed in learning for themselves. I quickly realized that the multi-sensory, whole child approach was an extremely effective form of education. I began to study the Montessori method, make my own materials and guide my children at home from the ages of 2-6.

I have over 10 years of elementary teaching experience along with providing literacy and math intervention. I hold my Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate with an endorsement in English Language Learning. I am currently pursuing my Montessori Early Childhood full certification through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team at PCM and bringing high quality public Montessori to the Pullman community!

I love shopping with my teen daughters, camping with my husband, cooking, yoga, dark chocolate and strong coffee!

Staff photo of PCM’s current PCM's Younger Elementary Guide

Amanda Wilfong

Younger Elementary Guide

I am from the Camas Prairie in Northern Idaho where I grew up in a large, close knit family. I found Montessori education after graduating with my degree in Elementary Education and understanding through my experiences that to be effective, education must follow the natural development of children.

I am a true believer in the power of Montessori education as a transformative agent for social change. My first experience with Montessori education was through The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. There I explored Montessori as an alternative approach to education and completed my M. Ed in Montessori Integrative Studies. I later completed my AMI training at the elementary level.

I am a state certified teacher with over 12 years of experience guiding elementary children in both upper and lower grades. It is my privilege and honor to serve elementary children. I am thrilled to be returning home to the Palouse and to be part of the PCM community.

My interests include health/fitness, travel, and exploring nature. I am always in search of a good book, great conversation, and the perfect cup of coffee.

Staff photo of PCM’s current Older Elementary Guide

Erika Horino

Older Elementary Guide

I grew up just outside of Washington, DC in suburban Maryland where my earliest educational experience was in a Montessori school as a 2 year old. 

As an undergraduate, I chose to study Anthropology because I had a keen interest in learning about different cultures. This interest led to my undergraduate research thesis about how different cultures raise and educate their children. After graduating from George Washington University, I had a strong desire to contribute to society and thus I started my career as an elementary educator and subsequently decided to pursue agraduate degree in elementary education. 

I rediscovered the Montessori method through my first post-graduate teaching position. Since then, I have worked in both public and private Montessori schools in several different states. I completed my Lower Elementary Montessori certification in Phoenix, AZ and my Upper Elementary Montessori certification in Massachusetts. As a Montessori Guide, I strive to provide space and opportunities for children to grow and learn for themselves. 

When I’m not in the classroom, you will likely find me hiking with and training my two dogs, Coco and Rudy. 

I am excited to be a part of bringing public Montessori toPullman and can’t wait to start working with our PCM students and families.

Staff photo of PCM’s current Classroom Assistant/Interventionalist - (K)

Jana Breitsprecher

Instructional Assistant (K)

The opportunity to work with young children at PCM seemed to come at a perfect time for me. I have spent much of my life caring for and educating children in various capacities. 

Before deciding to become a teacher, I worked as a baby-sitter, nanny, and daycare worker. It made perfect sense for me to choose a career in education. I am passionate about educating the whole child. I believe every child deserves to be educated in an engaging, loving, fun, and respectful environment. 

Though I grew up in a small town on Washington’s coast and spent a couple years in North Carolina, I earned my Bachelor of Education in Burnaby, BC the suburbs of Vancouver. I spent some time as a substitute teacher and a part-time special education assistant in a kindergarten classroom. 

Since moving to Pullman, I have focused on homeschooling my three children. One of my favorite things to do is read. I especially enjoy opportunities to read aloud to children. 

You may have seen me working at Brused Books in downtown Pullman where I had access to amazing books and was able to meet book lovers of all types. 

I am extremely excited to become part of the community in this new capacity!

Staff photo of PCM’s current Classroom Assistant/Interventionalist - (K)

Kim Velarde

Instructional Assistant (YE)

I am originally from Northern California where I grew up in a close knit multigenerational family.  I am a current student in the Elementary Education program involving teaching certification at Western Governors University. I became interested in Montessori in my Elementary Education program. The surface level information of Montessori teaching had piqued my interest to dive into learning further. 

This interest led me to take on a position as the office assistant at PCM, where I learned more about charter schools and Montessori education.  This experience combined with my excitement for education, provoked my pursuit to become  an instructional assistant at PCM.

I have chosen education as a passion and career path because I hope to bring positive learning and a better outlook on education to kids, particularly to those who might have had struggles with their education. 

Fun fact about me:  I love all things Disney and have a passion for music as well. I am also fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language.

Staff photo of PCM’s current Classroom Assistant/Interventionalist - (YE)

Katie Kendrick

Instructional Assistant (K)

I have chosen education as my career path because I know the impact that it can have on a life. I had a series of wonderful teachers who cared deeply about me, and believed in me, and today I want to give back to students.

I have numerous years of daycare experience, as well as time volunteering in classrooms around Pullman. I've spent time working one on one with students who need additional help with classroom work, as well as leading whole classes in activities. 

In August I will graduate with my degree in education, with plans to continue my education and earn my masters degree.

Fun fact about me: I have a pet hedgehog!

Staff photo of PCM’s current Classroom Assistant/Interventionalist - (UE)

John Klein

Instructional Assistant (OE)

I was raised in Northern Nevada, but my heart is in the Palouse.  This is the third (and final) time we have moved to the Palouse.  I have had amazing opportunities to live in Alaska and Mexico, but my heart truly lies in this area.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Mexico has given me an appreciation for different areas and cultures and has fostered my love for exploring new places and people. 

The two years I spent in Mexico is where my fascination with education and different styles of education started.  I discovered that at many of the schools in Mexico students started focusing their individual interests during their junior year of high school.  I was fascinated with this idea because it seemed to make so much sense; however, it was very different from my experience in the U.S.  It wasn’t until I started studying career and technical education for my Masters that I was really able to dive into education where this seed that was planted many years prior was able to grow.  That seed grew into a passion for alternative education, non-traditional post-secondary education, and inclusive educational environments for every type of learner. 

I am very excited to be a part of Pullman Community Montessori, and I am looking forward to helping students explore their individual passions in an environment that is designed to put the child first.

Staff photo of PCM’s current SPED Guide - Program Manager

Emily Klein

SPED Guide - Program Manager

As a child, I always loved the act of teaching. I loved helping others and seeing them succeed. I felt confident when I could teach them successfully because I struggled in school. 

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for those that learn differently. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a young girl. I want to make an impact on my students the way my teachers did on me. I believe that an education filled with enthusiasm, movement, and curiosity led by mentors that care is the pathway to success. 

I grew up in the rural town of Gardnerville, Nevada, and loved school. I graduated from Idaho State University in 2013 with a B.A. in Physical Education and received my Master’s in Special Education from the University of Idaho in 2015.

I first became interested in Montessori while I was pregnant with my now 5-year-old son. I lived in Juneau,  Alaska where I was able to witness these environments in person. It immediately resonated with me and what I believe childhood is about; freedom, play, and choice. I strive to build such an atmosphere at home. I am so excited to be a part of the PCM because of what it has to offer children from all walks of life.

I taught elementary special education in Moscow, Idaho for two years after moving back to the lower 48. We recently moved back to the Palouse from Carson City, Nevada where I was a secondary special education and adaptive PE teacher.

I look forward to mornings reading with tea, taking advantage of the bike paths everywhere again, sunsets, and spending many hours outdoors with my family and dogs in this beautiful countryside.


Our Roots

Founders note

While we all support and deeply value our community and the Pullman School District (PSD), we believe additional options for high quality public education in Pullman are necessary to meet the needs of our growing and increasingly diverse community. With that said, we are committed to continue to grow and strengthen our relationship with PSD and share data and opportunities available to us that may benefit all children in our community.

our beginnings

Initially known as The Pullman Charter School Initiative, (PCSI), the founders were a small group of diverse, passionate community members who had experienced, in one way or another, the powerful whole-child educational approach of Montessori. This experience drove the group to investigate what educational needs were specific to our community and how to make expanded options accessible to all families, not just limited to those in the position to pay tuition. 

The group dove into state report card data and engaged a community focus groups to gather preliminary data. Data emphasized the need for a whole-child focused 

developmental model, like Montessori that would help: 

  • close persistent achievement gaps for at risk demographics,

  • increase supports for students who struggle,

  • increase rigor for those students considered to be advanced,

  • offer more opportunities for project-based and service learning,

  • offer more student voice and choice, and

  • provide intense focus on social-emotional learning and life skills development throughout a students education. 

The group found that application for charter as the most equitable option for accessibility.  This led the team to engage in 2 rounds of application to the Washington State Charter Schools Association School Leadership and Design Fellowship program. The Fellowship provided financial support and guidance for selected teams in designing a high-quality community responsive school.

After a rigorous vetting process, PCSI was accepted into the 2018-19 fellowship program.  Laylah Sullivan, a fellow founder, local business owner, and Pullman High School science teacher, was identified for the Fellow role.  Ms. Sullivan led the writing of the 795 page charter application (a detailed legal operating contract for the school) and led the team in the 9-month application process. 

PCM Founding Board 2019.jpg

Application & Approval

Following submission of PCM's application in February 2020, the PCM founding team engaged in:

  • an intensive Capacity Interview with a council assembled by the Commission, which involved a performance task and 3 hours of intense questioning.

  • a Commission-hosted Public Forum to offer another opportunity for community input and for commission staff and Commissioners to ask questions.

  • a final question session by Commissioners at the resolution meeting on June 25, 2020.


On June 25, 2020 Commissioners gave their full support and unanimous approval for the opening Pullman Community Montessori. The schools charters was negotiated and formally accepted on Septembers 8, 2020.

PCM is now in its planning year which consists of numerous deadlines and deliverables including securing a facility, finetuning the design, hiring and training staff, growing the board and committees, and overall logistics. 

The formal application writing process took place between July 2019 to February 2020.  During the application writing process the Fellow and founding board received monthly professional development and application writing support.  Community forums were run in the fall to solicit community input on the design, informing the services we provide, the school councils we will maintain, our mission, and our core values.  A number of survey opportunities were provided, for example at the 2019 Lentil Festival, for interested community members to engage in selection of the school name, logo.  Prompted by a request from our founding board, a Washington State Charters School Commission staff member hosted a Charter Starter - Community Conversation to inform our community about Washington's unique charter sector.  The application underwent multiple internal reviews by our team and Washington State Charter Schools Association staff, was reviewed by key partners, a national review agency and a contracted application specialist, and underwent 2 rounds of copy editor review before submission.