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Expanding windows of opportunity through personalized place-based Montessori education. 

Stephanie Bixby


Board Member

I'm a writer/freelance journalist who put their work aside to raise the family. Most of my children's lives I've been a stay at home mom. Held a few jobs here and there, but I've tried to keep my full attention to their needs.  I've head a veriaty of jobs over the years, from customer service to warehouse work.  They all taught me that talking to people is a large part of getting through life.  Learning to speak up for yourself and for your family is what's important.  

I was a young mother, now have 4 wonderful living children.  I'm excited to help the community and show how being different is not a hinderance but a blessing.  We don't have to fit in to make an impact on the community.  We just need ideas, and know how to network with the right people to get the idea working.

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