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PCM is cultivating our planning year Team and 2021-22 school year staff!  We welcome you to apply to partner with us in expanding Pullman and surrounding community families access to high-quality public education delivered through a whole-child, place-based, Montessori approach.  

Before completing the first step of our application process for open positions, explore our website and thoroughly examine the job description provided to ensure a good partner fit.  Also check out our criterion for all PCM staff.  If you find we are a good fit and you are interested in one of our open positions, select the Apply Now button to complete the google form. 

Check back frequently as many of our positions will not open for application until late this winter.

Why Join the PCM TEAM

PCM founders are not only committed to serving all students, helping them to develop to their full potential, but are equally committed to the same endeavor for ALL PCM staff. With this commitment in mind, PCM will make the time to engage all staff in developing their coaching skills through the Get Better Faster framework.  Our weekly schedule, featuring Wednesday 1/2-day professional development/collaboration time, reflects this commitment.​  While pay is comparable to other districts of similar size and benefits for full-time staff are provided through the Washington State Retirement System and State Employees Benefits Board (SEBB), other indirect incentives include:

1. Broaden your impact by being a member of Washington’s first public Montessori charter school. You will be a partner in founding a high-quality program for children with the potential to contribute to shaping Montessori charter schools throughout the United States.

2. Benefit from a high level of purposeful and applicable professional development that is built into the week and year.  Also benefit from PCM’s partnership with high-quality partners such at Teton Science Schools Place Network, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, and the Washington State Charter Schools Association.

3. Enjoy a family-friendly work environment with onsite childcare (for a fee) and a weighted lottery preference for children of full-time staff.

4. Participate in a program that empowers students to handle freedoms as they learn to act with responsibility.

5. Grow professionally with support from Tetons Science Schools Place Network to guide children in planning their own outings (going outs) where they interface with the local environment to learn from and contribute to their local community.

6. Engage in closing opportunity gaps for students by growing your skills in partnering with families and creating Montessori learning environments for diverse populations using cultural humility.

7. Participate in a growth and leadership program with support from an experienced Montessori coach trained at both the primary and elementary level which involves goal-setting, reflection, and mentoring as you cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary for success.

8. Experience ample opportunities to learn and grow within a collaborative community of professionals.

9. Partner with an organization dedicated to maintaining a diverse, equitable, and anti-racist work environment committed to pursuing a healthy work-life balance.


Why Choose Pullman as your home

Take a Remote Tour of Our Community

This three minute community video project by, Pullman2040, highlights what makes Pullman a great place to call home. 

Pullman Proud: Welcome to Pullman

Facts about Pullman

  • Pullman is the largest city in Whitman County, located within the Palouse region of the Pacific Northwest in southeastern Washington State.

  • Pullman is home to the area's largest employers: Washington State University and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

  • Pullman is a clean, safe and secure city and has recently been ranked as the 4th safest city in the State of Washington and was ranked the 6th best college town in the country as recently as 2012.

  • Washington State University is Washington's only public research land-grant university.  Pullman is 8 miles away from Idaho's only public research land-grant university, University of Idaho.

  • For a big city infusion, Spokane is a 90 minute scenic drive away.

  • The combination of being a university town, an agricultural research hub  and a fertile agricultural area keeps Pullman's economy bufford from large economic swings.

  • Pullman has great access to parks and outdoor activities.

  • The region has a rich geological history that illuminates the rich rolling hills of the Palouse and the scablands of central Washington state.


Classroom Positions

Our Montessori classrooms strive to comply with AMI best practices and feature a Teacher, referred to as a Guide, supported by a trained classroom assistant.


PCM founders believe that for teachers to feel truly valued, they must be treated as the professionals they are.  We believe teachers must be provided with excellent support and professional development (PD) to remain responsive and empowered to meet ever-changing student needs. Our Team collaborates weekly to discuss students, examine available data, identify student and program needs, plan interventions, and ensure we are all working cohesively to create a consistent high-quality experience for all PCM students and families.

PCM employs research at all levels to inform its practices, including tailoring of its PD plan.  According to research, teachers are not satisfied with traditional PD formats, citing that system-driven, compliance-based PD is not effective. Rather, teachers describe ideal PD as relevant, interactive, and delivered by someone who understands their experience, and that it is sustained or ongoing over time. With this in mind, PCM leaders will help ensure that PD is responsive to teachers’ needs, has a clear focus, is driven by data, and that everyone is accountable to established goals. To that end, and in alignment with our mission, vision, and culture, PCM will create a school wide professional learning community (PLC) where our Team, like our students, take the role of empowered, self-directed learners focused on a single objective—helping all students reach their full potential. This more personalized approach to PD is attentive to the collective and individual needs and preferences of PCM’s Team.

Between Wednesday 1/2-day collaboration and professional development time and our 5 Friday no-school Deep Dive  sessions, PCM teachers receive over 30 days of PD and collaboration time.  This feature, combined with the full time Montessori instructional coach, ensures teachers are well supported and equip with a broad tool kit to meet the needs of students.  During our first years of operation PCM will support staff through a 3-week Strong Start acclimation and on-boarding program beginning July 2021.

Note: all teachers must be or be willing to become dual certified, holding an applicable grade level WA State teaching certificate (or equivalent) and a Montessori teaching certificate appropriate for the grade-levels served. A highly qualified Montessori certificated candidate will be considered without current WA State certification if they are willing to apply for WA State provisional certification and show documented acceptance to a qualified WA State teaching certification program such as Northwest Educational Development (NWED).  PCM's Montessori Coach will support employees in this situation.


Job Description

Opening Date

Montessori Ages 3-6 Certification


Montessori Ages 6-9 Certification


Montessori Ages 9-12 Certification


OUR stand-alone Kindergarten (K) program

“It is necessary that the human personality should be prepared for the unforeseen, not only for the conditions that can be anticipated by prudence and foresight...Adaptability - this is the most essential quality.” Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 61

At our very core PCM believes that ALL students deserve an education that meets them where they are, respects the learners’ capabilities and natural tendencies, and fosters their growth academically, social-emotionally, and in life-skills development.  We fiercely advocate that high-fidelity PUBLIC Montessori is the most EQUITABLE option to achieve this goal.  While funding for early childhood education is limited in many states, we do not believe this should be a barrier to accessing a high-quality Montessori education.  Data supports that, even with a stand-alone K program, high-fidelity Montessori provides better long-term results for learners.  Thus, PCM has poised itself with a stand-alone K that can easily be expanded to a full primary program when funding becomes available.  We are optimistic this opportunity will present itself in the future!  To ensure we can accommodate the breadth of needs presented by a stand-alone K, we have kept the student population in our classes low while maintaining the 1:1 Montessori Guide to Assistant ratio; we have hired a full-time Montessori Coach; we have expanded our classroom materials to ensure we have Montessori works to address all levels in the primary classroom and we have carefully integrated key pre-reading and reading resources to help those students entering with no experience.  To start strong PCM has forged strategic partnerships, including with National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, Public Montessori in Action and Teton Science School Place Network.  Join us to be the change you want to see in education!

classroom Assistants

Classroom assistants are an integral component of a high-fidelity Montessori classroom. PCM classroom assistants help to maintain the classroom environment, allowing the teacher to assume the role of educational scientist, and are trained as interventionalists to support students with varying needs in the classroom environment. The relationship between the teacher and assistant also models collaboration to students and introduces another adult mentor to expand adult relationships for those students most at risk. Classroom assistants are as equally supported with PD as teachers.

​Classroom assistant candidates must have their AMI Assistant Certificates or agree to complete a three-week approved assistant training course paid for by PCM.

Special Education (SPED) Teacher-Director of Specialized Programs

As PCM is committed to guiding ALL students to reach their full potential, we will employ a full-time SPED Teacher – Director of Specialized Programs beginning our first year of operation.  The SPED teacher will collaborate with the Montessori coach, teachers, and classroom assistants to support students with elevated needs and help ensure all PCM staff members are working together collectively to provide a unified front of support.  Based on student needs, this team member will also act as a liaison between our local educational service district and local service providers to secure the intervention team needed to provide the necessary services, accommodations, and modifications to students and families.

Substitute teacher 

PCM is accepting requests to be added to our substitute teacher call list for the 2021-22 school year. To be considered, in addition to Safe Schools Training and passing an OSPI sanctioned background check, applicants must agree to complete a 3-day orientation to Montessori training prior to subbing in the school.  It is preferred applicants have a WA State teaching certification.  However, anyone with a bachelor's degree or higher is eligible and encouraged to apply to be an emergency sub.

If you are interested in subbing at PCM please complete the following interest form and contact Desiree Porter -

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Administrative Positions

Leaders that are intentional and that make smart strategic choices to promote a school environment where teachers are supported and held to high expectations are a foundational component of a high-quality school. PCM also believes the expectations we hold for our students, displayed through our core values, We Are LEADERS and our school norms (accountability, character, integrity, and a growth mindset), should be reflected by the adults they come into contact with and who model leadership in their school, both within the school and broader community.

To that end PCM will be led by a Head of School (HOS) and Montessori Coach (MC) that possess the financial, operational, and academic experience and acumen to lead a thriving nonprofit public school and retain the innovative mindset and vision to support a whole-child developmental model like PCM's.  

Office Work

Head of School

The HOS will be responsible for oversight and accountability for school-wide operations and finances, primary liaison to the governing board and charter authorizer, provider of external-facing leadership on communications, partnership-building, and fundraising, facilities and business management duties.

Montessori Coach - Director of Academic Programs

The MC will serve as the instructional coach, staff professional development manager, and acting director of instruction and assessment.


Operations team positions

PCM is dedicated to creating a community of professionals that model PCM's culture with all stakeholders and provide personalized support for its students and families. We also believe that expanding our definition of community beyond our classrooms and direct school environment is essential for creating a positive culture of excellence and inclusion while integrating the diverse resources of our community to enrich and support the student experience.  To achieve our mission and goals, a diverse team of specialized operational staff is imperative.

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FACE (Family and community Engagement) coordinator

PCM holds a strong focus on expanding opportunities and addressing the needs of our local at-risk students and families. PCM is also committed to serving as a local exemplar for a robust community-based educational resource ecosystem. We embrace the recognition that family involvement is crucial to helping a student reach their full potential. Thus, PCM will secure a FACE Coordinator during our planning year to ensure we build robust connections, share the benefits of our programming with all our community demographics, and engage families and the community in tailoring our model to community needs.  Our FACE coordinator will help us design our culture so that parents feel vested and are equipped with the tools necessary to make a positive contribution to their child’s growth. Additionally, as supported by evidence that one positive and caring adult connection in an at-risk student’s life can significantly alter their trajectory, we expand our ‘family’ network outside of just parents of students. The FACE Coordinator will actively work to build relationships and opportunities for involvement and input, with not only families, but also with our local community partners, to increase the support for each of our students. This expanded culture creates a strong and supportive educational ecosystem for students to thrive.

Office Manager

The office manager fills a dynamic role with the responsibility of managing the operation of the front office with a smile: managing data bases; greeting families; supporting administrative needs; providing support services for students, families, and the public; and monitoring school compliance.

Office Assistant

The office assistant supports the office manager in their duties.

Food Services

This position will be added if PCM does not contract with a national or a local vendor to provide food services.  

Email to Apply (see Job Description)

School Nurse

The school nurse upports student success by providing health care through assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children within the school setting. The school nurse addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of students and supports their achievement in the learning process. This role includes providing preventive and screening services, health education and assistance with decision-making about health, and immunization against preventable diseases.

Email to Apply (see Job Description)