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Expanding windows of opportunity through personalized place-based Montessori education. 

Our Program

Students must be supported in multiple areas—academic, behavioral, and social-emotional—for them to develop the knowledge base, mindset, and suite of skills necessary to navigate the complexities of life and school. Failing to build a proper foundation in one of these areas could cause shortfalls in other areas.  The Montessori model elevates development of these social-emotional and executive functioning skills to that of learning core content like math or language for students at all age levels.  This often leads to the reference of Montessori being a while-child educational approach.  

Our core features rely on a data-driven, high-quality, place-based Montessori program, deeply rooted in research, to achieve this goal and foster students’ love of learning. We are deeply committed to guiding students to be self-empowered lifelong learners, global citizens, environmental stewards, and compassionate and collaborative leaders, bringing positive changes to their communities and the world.


PCM will guide students to not only develop appropriate academic skills, but also develop the habits of mind and action and love of learning to be successful, happy, and healthy as they progress through school and life.

Student Outcomes

Profile of a Graduate

As a public school, we are committed to providing equitable and basic services that all students and families deserve access to.

Many community members shared interest in being able to access answers to community questions in an auditory format. We have compiled a list of videos addressing the most frequently asked questions we've received to date.

PCM Community Input Session 2019

At PCM, we focus heavily on family and community engagement to bolster student outcomes. Our academic calendar provides ample opportunity for family involvement, community building, and showcasing of student work.

PCM's academic calendar
kids sitting together in front of tree

PCM students develop a strong connection to their community through weekly walkabouts and project- and service-based learning opportunities.

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