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While we take our job seriously we also like to have fun and empower each other! 


You can view our Group Norms that all PCM groups aspire to maintain. 


Our Board and Committee meetings are open the public.  Access our calendar for links to past and future meetings.

Even the smallest amount of your time is useful and greatly appreciated.  Your time and expertise contribute to the collective effort to support our community, families, and children.


Board Service & Committees

Each Board seat and committee position plays a vital role in the success of our school!

PCM’s approach to governance is tailored to its mission, vision, and entity needs. We use policy to establish clear expectations, delineate roles and responsibilities, and create a clear roadmap to minimize the effect of member transitions; we set SMART goals focused on our mission and vision that further us towards our fiduciary, 

operational, and academic framework outcomes (both commission- and model specific); and we honor our role as a public school by adjusting goals and procedures in a responsive manner to meet the needs of our community.

Who can apply: Anyone may apply for an open Board seat or committee position.  While we take our stewardship role of public funds seriously, we are also committed to giving our community voice in that management.  Therefore, while the PCM Board may consider a few members outside our community, the majority of seats will be filled by our local community members.  For a candidate outside of our community to be considered, they must hold exceptional expertise that align to PCM’s mission, vision, and goals.  If a candidate is elected by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees they must submit to background check.

Required Qualifications:

  • Belief in the Washington Charters School Sector and in the mission of PCM.

  • Passion and commitment to high-quality education and serving the needs of ALL students.

  • Capacity to give time and energy and a willingness to provide access to resources, both financial and in-kind, to support and strengthen the school.

  • Professionalism, entrepreneurialism, resourcefulness, and critical thinking.

  • Ability to work effectively on a diverse team.

  • Acceptance and support of decisions made in accordance with the bylaws;

  • Willingness to leverage personal and professional networks and resources on behalf of the school.

  • Committed to self-reflection and personal growth.

  • Open to expanding cultural competence and personal understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  • Commitment to anti-racist governance.

  •  Eager to contribute personally while honoring the full board commitment to the community and the PCM’s mission and vision.

Board Service

In accordance with our bylaws PCM  is governed by a board of 5-11 trustees.

Performance Expectations for Individual Board Members 

  1. Govern by helping to fulfill the Board’s collective responsibilities, detailed by the Board’s job description and expectations.

  2. Advocate for the school’s vision and mission and be a champion in building the diverse constituencies necessary to support the successful launch and sustainability of the school.

  3. Serve as a liaison with the public, interpreting the school’s program to the community and informing the school of needs of the community.

  4. Lend credibility to the school with professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm.

  5. Satisfy all legal requirements for the school.

  6. Consult by lending specific expertise for the benefit of the school.

  7. Cultivate prospective donors and raise financial resources to support the school.

  8. Contribute to the school’s fundraising goals by making an annual contribution of a size appropriate to your financial means and comfort level.

  9. Attend regular Board meetings and participate in a meaningful and productive manner by focusing on strategic and critical questions and issues and by coming to meetings prepared.

  10. Be accessible for personal contact in between board meetings and for committee duty. 

  11. Volunteer as needed to complete tasks during the pre-chartering phase of the school. Focus energies on governance and support the lead founder. 

  12. Assist with the completion of the charter school application by providing consultation on sections of the application and by attending state Department of Education interview. 

  13. Collaborate with fellow Board members to fulfill the obligations of the Board and to ensure that diverse perspectives are heard and incorporated into the governance structure. Focus on creating group, not individual success; support Board decisions; participate critically in the appraisal of the Board’s performance. 

  14.  Disclose to the Board any potential conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, and abide by the decision of the Board related to the situation. ​

Time Commitment

The general time allotment for board member service is ~12 hrs/month:

⮚ attending a monthly board meeting (2-4 hrs)

⮚ attending a monthly committee meeting (2 hrs)

⮚ preparing for board and committee meetings (2-3 hrs)

⮚ completing other board related tasks and participating in organization/board events (1-3 hrs)

*All Trustees must agree to report any conflicts of interest, adhere to mitigation strategies, and submit to an OSPI sanctioned background check.

Board of Trustees - Open seats

​We currently have openings for Assistant Treasurer and two open Trustee positions.  Even if no open seats are available we encourage you to complete an application so we can add you to our contact list for consideration when an opening becomes available.


During the absence or disability of the Secretary, the Assistant-Secretary, or if there is more than one, the one so designated by the Secretary or by the Board of Trustees, shall have the powers and function of the Secretary.

  • Record meeting minutes and comply with all posting requirements in the absence of the Secretary.

  • Assist the secretary in protocol monitoring and promotion at meetings and by taking on responsibilities as needed.


During the absence or disability of the Treasurer, the Assistant-Treasurer, or if there is more than one, the one so designated by the Treasurer or by the Board of Trustees, shall have the powers and function of the Treasurer.

  • Support and assist the Treasurer in Board education on feduciary responsibilities.

  • Support the Treasurer at Finance Comittee meetings.

  • Assist the Treasurer in monitoring school financial complance and by taking on responsibilities as needed.


Filled based on specific acumen to achieve a well rounded Board.


Filled based on specific acumen to achieve a well rounded Board.


Filled based on specific acumen to achieve a well rounded Board.


Serve on Committees 

PCM has four standing committees: (committee descriptions)

  1. Governance

  2. Finance

  3. Development 

  4. Leadership Evaluation and Support

  5. Academic Excellence

Committee meetings are open to the public.  If you are interested a great way to learn more is to attend one of our meetings.  Committee meeting schedules and agendas can be found on our BoardOnTrack platform.  If you find you are interested, please email and the respective committee chair will follow up with you.


Councils & Advisory Groups

Serve on Advisory Councils

PCM is committed to ensuring students and parents have a strong voice in the school.  Our standing Advisory Councils will be formed closer to the start of the school year and will include: Community Advisory Council, Specialized Support Council, and Student Advisory Council.

Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Rationale: PCM is committed to a continuous family and community engagement process that spans the life of the school.

Composition: Family and broader Pullman community members who are attuned to identifying community perceptions and needs specific to communication, service, and family education. 

Specialized Purpose: Provide feedback about how the school and leadership are performing.

Specialized Support Council (SSC)

Rationale: PCM is committed to ensuring its most vulnerable and at-risk families have a strong voice and support system. This council was formed in response to our community feedback that parents of special populations of students don’t feel like they have a place to advocate for their children’s needs.

Composition: Families of children currently in need of elevated support (e.g.504 plans, IEP, HiCap, ELL).

Specialized Purpose: Serve as a sounding board and support group, directing families to resources, services, and information or helping to identify gaps in support.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

Rationale: PCM is committed to providing students genuine opportunities to participate and make their voice heard in the adult world.

Composition: Students that are attuned to identifying and sharing ideas and acting as an information and primary support source to bridge the student-adult world.

Specialized Purpose: The Montessori Coach and chosen parent volunteer will guide and support SAC. Councils will gather information through surveys and one-on-one, small-group, and council/class meetings.  SAC will have the opportunity to present at one board meeting a year (unless there is need for additional meetings).

Serve on Short-term Advisory Groups

As Council and Advisory Group opportunities arise we will post them below.

Please Check Back Soon!

Check back soon


Time Commitment & Duration:


Volunteering Opportunities

As we progress into the spring many volunteer opportunities will arise ranging form preparing classroom materials, assembling furniture, building small items, preparing garden beds, painting, unpacking classroom martials, and much more.  Opportunities and who to contact will be listed below.  If you'd like to be added to our volunteer opportunities contact list please submit your information below.

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