There are many ways you can get involved.

Your expertise, vision, and energy can be used in a variety of different ways!


If approved, PCM will serve students in Kindergarten through 5th grade in Year 1 (2021-22 school year) and expand a grade each year up to 9th grade. Please understand completing this form does not guarantee your child's place in our prospective program. If enrollment requests exceed our programs capacity we will run a public lottery, similar to any public school in the state of Washington. This form does however, provide our authorizing agency vital information that there is community interest in our program. Thank you for your time and support!

We’d greatly appreciate your support at our Board Meetings and Planning Sessions.


All Board Meetings are open to the public. They are held semi-monthly between 5:30 PM PST and 7:00 PM PST.

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Please save the date for our Public Community Forum

 Public Community Forum Flyers:


If you find that you do not have time to dedicate to the above options, any support you can provide, verbal or otherwise, is welcomed and greatly appreciated!

This is your school and your input will make a difference!


We have positions open on our founding board (eight highly committed individuals) and are strategically planning forward for the composition of the operating board (11-13 individuals).


 A variety of committees are needed, some may have long term potential while others will fill short term needs (marketing, outreach, academic enrichment, review of programs, staff recruitment, leg-work research activities, community event planning, etc)

Members are tasked to gather community input, share out with Pullman Charter School Initiative (PCSI), critique plans and dates proposed for community input sessions, and help stock sessions and forms. No more than ten, one hour meetings over the next 12 months.

*These positions require a more substantial time commitment and entail a more rigorous vetting process to ensure we create a diverse and representative group with the appropriate mix of skills.

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." 

Dr. Maria Montessori

Gladish Community & Cultural Center

Suite 215





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Please contact us if materials are needed for languages other than English.  We will gladly accommodate with translation services.